A Journey into Rose Consciousness

The thinning of the membranes between the visible and the invisible is taking place as I write this piece: the energy is expanding all around us, and we’re now having repeated glimpses of the new life which is almost ours. This section of our rose journey is also, intriguingly, allowing us to go deeper and deeper into our personal experience, so much so that we are often drawn to the energy of roses, roses and more roses!

The rose is a symbol of energetic expansion; including it in our lives can lead to extra-sensory experiences which boost our energetic vibration and move us closer and closer to the new life we so earnestly seek.

The symbol of the rose is also often associated with rediscovering our scattered soul particles. Reintegrating one’s soul can urge one on to accomplish so much more than normally possible. We also know that our personal enlightenment – this stage of our journey – means that we have all brought in issues from other lifetimes which we simply must clear.

For those who follow the path of the Rose Energy, they are often the residue of our past lives as members of the Sisterhood and the Brotherhood of the Rose, an arcane mystery school first heard of in the mythical city of Atlantis, where its members had come together from the star Sirius.

When we clear these past memories, these echoes, we are clearing not only for individuals, but also for the collective. As we go through this somewhat astonishing process we may find that our morphic resonance is being displayed to others – so that if healing is an issue then the cells of the body in the other person with whom we wish to connect will be healed by osmosis. Imagine this: healing by osmosis – happening now – in our physical world! It has always been possible of course, yet perhaps we’ve never realised the depth and strength of our own healing power!

At the moment, many of us are involved in healing a surfeit of frustration and anger which has surfaced on the planet; as we do this work we are opening up the memories of the ancient wisdom inherent in the lineage of the Brotherhood and the Sisterhood of the Rose and eventually this wisdom will emerge as an enormous wave of enlightenment.

To generate more of the rose energy, try the following experiential visualization, where I am inviting you, on a special journey, through the dancing doorways, into the heart of the rose, represented in this piece as …


Still your energy and see in your mind’s eye, a beautiful red rose.

Follow this red rose – it will take you on the journey. And as these words are read, then you are there, effortlessly moving into the Red Room …


Noelene Kelly Wentworth Falls www.noelenekelly.com.au

In the Red Room there is a sense of joyful expectation. You feel the need to dance when you enter this room. Think of yourself as a gypsy dancer with colorful wide pants or a skirt and a pure white shirt. Kick off your shoes and walk to the middle of the room on graceful bare feet. One of your ankles flashes a glimmer of gold chains as you begin to move. Bring your feet into position and raise your hands above your head. Hold your rose between your teeth. Let your head fall back, close your eyes and listen for the music. It runs through your blood, entering your life force, because this is the room of the life force, the blood, the vibrancy, the room of your sacred essence.

The music calls to you and you give in to it. There is a strong sense of allowing the dance to take over. Your blood beats and moves like a slow fire through your essential self. You dance a world of bright happiness, made poignant by your longing for all that you have forgotten.

Know as you finish the dance that all that you may have forgotten is now coming back – snippets here and there – a jigsaw in the making.

So stand now in the Red Room as the dance has finished and look at the floor. It is in itself a giant jigsaw. See the pieces which have perhaps been missing from your current life –  or even from past life experiences – moving into place.

Stretch your body forward in a state of euphoria to examine the pieces more closely. Now you see clearly that you’re looking at your own section of the sacred web of creation which – no surprises here – is woven into the shape of a large red rose. As you look at it, you experience your essential self merging with an aspect of Divine Truth that may have been missing for you up until now. Feel the energy imbue your circuits and notice the love the energy gently inserts into all aspects of your physical body.

Observe that you own this one part of the Web of Creation. This is your personal operations area from which you can create anything at all that you want to have happen in your life.

Observe if you will that there is a beautiful rose garden sprouting casually in one section of the web. Notice how you can plant the seeds in this garden which will grow for you on Mother Earth. Move towards the garden and plant three seeds, three objectives for your new joy-filled life on earth.

Look out across the Web now and see the golden strands extending beyond the limit of your eyesight. Your web sparkles with gold and silver and jewels; and these beautiful jewels illuminate your special Garden with a strange ethereal blue light. Look around now and see in another corner of your Garden some huge trees, the like of which you have never seen before. These are ancient trees of mystery, large, old and standing in their own aura of power as strong and silent sentinels, messengers of the rose light.

You know that you will return on another occasion and enter this forest. Within it you will discover fascinating areas of information to assist on the next stage of your journey to Rose Consciousness. Reach out in your imagination and touch the trees now, knowing as you do that you will be seeing them again soon. As you secure this connection you are once again catapulted through time and space in a gentle way.

You wake up gradually and find yourself in your own living room, sitting quietly in your favorite chair. You know that life will never be the same for you again, as you have found the basis of your new Rose Consciousness blueprint. You have been into the heart of the rose, into its essence and into your own soul.

Header Image CreditThe Woman and the Roses, by Marc Chagall, 1929


My name is Cris Henderson – I live on a beautiful island in Queensland, Australia called Bribie Island. I teach and write about the myths and legends of the Sisterhood and the Brotherhood of the Rose, ancient lineages emanating from Sirius and subsequently from Atlantis. Thirty years ago I had a visitation from Mother Mary as I waited for surgery in a major Sydney hospital. Ever since then I have travelled the world following the myths and legends of the Rose. The Rose Energy embodies ancient secrets of esoteric knowledge. This knowledge is being used to assist those individuals who are drawn to it, particularly to facilitate the journey into Rose Consciousness.

For further information please contact me on 61-(0)73410-1194 or by writing to PO Box 1207 Bongaree, Bribie Island, 4507, Australia or e-mail [email protected]. Please also view my website for further information on the Sisterhood of the Rose www.roseseichim.com


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