The spirit of this painting, ‘Through the Veil’, by Celeste Johnston, reminds me so much of Gisella, the young Italian housewife in I Draw Roses, that I just had to ask Celeste’s permission to post it, along with her description of the painting!

Through the Veil, by Celeste Johnston

Often times she would find herself lingering. Lulled by the quietness of vapid space. Bewitched by what she found shrouded in the clouds, and secrets not known of earth side. The tips of her toes barely skimmed the ground beneath her. This was her place of peace and ease.

She knew full well that one could not stay here. Not for long anyway. She would have to transcend maiden naïveté, and come to a place of fearlessness where she could firm her feet into the unyielding earth.

Thank you, Celeste!

To view more of Celeste’s beautiful work (including how to quilt a door!), head on over to:

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